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You Don't Need Another Generic Marketing Agency Or lead gen provider, You Need A Specialized performance based Marketing Partner

Let's be honest, if you were happy with your existing lead generation setup you wouldn't be reading this.

Maybe you are paying a lead generation company and they are selling you the same leads as 10 other firms and making you compete with each other for the business.

Or maybe they are putting you into a bidding war against each other upfront and selling the leads to the highest bidder.

Maybe you have a generic marketing agency running your campaigns and you are unhappy with the lead cost or quality.

Or maybe you are running everything in-house and you know you need a specialist to handle your campaigns if you want to scale while staying in budget.

Either way, you know you need help.

At Grit Marketing, we specialize in one thing and one thing only...

Partnering with Mass Tort Legal Firms and delivering high quality exclusive leads at mass scale on a performance basis.

We don't work with other random businesses like as dentists, chiropractors, restaurants, car dealerships, eCommerce brands etc.

And we don't work with legal firms outside of the Mass Tort space.

No No...

We believe that exceptional results are only achieved through laser focus and hyper specificity...

So we've spent the past 5 years testing and iterating the most powerful system for scaling Mass Tort legal firms so we can squeeze out every last dollar from our partners traffic and ad budget.

You see unlike most agencies we work on a performance basis meaning we get paid on how many qualified leads we generate for you, NOT some random retainer or a % of how much money you spend as this way incentives are perfectly aligned and both parties are motivated toward one universal goal...

Maximizing your sales!!!

With our proven Mass Tort Conversion Process™️ we optimize, and more importantly attribute, the entire sale all the way from the initial click right up to the first payment being processed.

This end to end attribution model allows us to send your sales data back into our traffic generating systems so we can identify the winners and spend more of your marketing budget on the campaigns that are driving the most revenue (and NOT the most leads).

So what does all of this technical jargon mean for you?

Well first off, it means no more stress or anxiety about where your next lead is going to come from.

It means no more guessing which campaigns are generating your leads and sales so you can rest assured that your marketing dollars are being distributed correctly.

It means a lower cost per lead, more conversions from your existing traffic, more sales, and more revenue/profit for your firm.

It means that you'll finally have the predictable lead generation system you've been praying for.

But more importantly, it means you'll finally have found the specialist marketing partner that you can trust and scale with longterm.

So if you are sick and tired of paying big retainers to a bunch of generalist amateurs and getting nothing but excuses or being thrown into a bidding war with 20 other firms for leads that are hardly worth the effort then maybe it's time you partnered with a team of specialists who are willing to put their skin in the game and their money where their mouth is.

Our mass tort marketing partners
Case studies

Check out the results we've achieved for our existing Mass Tort Marketing partners...

400+ Tier 1 Camp Lejeune Leads A Day

Our client wanted to start generating Camp Lejeune cases amongst even before the bill was passed by congress, so we were entering a very new space with little competition, but also very little knowledge about what works.


Less than 30 days into the campaign, it turned into the most competitive vertical online, and costs skyrocketed.

As a result we were challenged to scale our ads well into the 7 figure mark, while maintaining low cost per acquisition to battle out the competition.


While talking with some big players in the space who were our competition we realized that we have generated the same amount of leads as them, at a lower cost per acquisition, but completely in-house - while they had to rely on large networks of affiliates and compete with other companies bidding against them with the same providers.

Mass Tort

Short Term Results
Stable flow of Camp Lejeune leads within days of launch

Long Term Results
Scaled campaigns to 400+ Tier 1 Camp Lejeune Leads per day while maintaining a Low Cost Per Lead

5x'd Hurricane Ida Leads While Simultaneously Lowering Lead Cost By 52%


Our client was working with a very well-known agency in the mass tort space and were getting 30-40 leads per day at an average cost of $120 per lead.

They wanted to increase the volume but the agency said this is all they can get, and that competition was too high, as well as low volume of prospects online, to get more.


In week 1 of working with them we managed to match the number of leads generated by their old agency, while lowering cost per lead by 50% and maintaining the same quality.

In the next 90 days we managed to scale to a stable flow of 200 leads per day, with stable quality, and maintaining the same cost per lead. As a result, they grew their business from three sales people to a sales team of 15, as well as expanded with us into other mass tort verticals.

Mass Tort

Short Term Results
from 40 lead per day @ $120/lead to 200+ per day at $58/lead

Long Term Results
Grew sales team from 3 to 15 and spread into other mass tort markets
the team

Meet Your New Growth Partners

Stevan Kobiljski

FOUNDER & Head of partner acquisition

Srdjan Erceg

Cofounder & CTO

Mohamed Moursy

Digital Media Planner

Stefan Bjelica

Digital Marketing

Mladen Miolski

Social Media Marketing

Jovana Joksimovic

Business development
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