Case study | Hurricane Ida

5x'd Hurricane Ida Leads while simultaneously lowering Lead Cost by 52%


Our client was working with a very well-known agency in the mass tort space and were getting 30-40 leads per day at an average cost of $120 per lead.

They wanted to increase the volume but the agency said this is all they can get, and that competition was too high, as well as low volume of prospects online, to get more.


In week 1 of working with them we managed to match the number of leads generated by their old agency, while lowering cost per lead by 50% and maintaining the same quality.

In the next 90 days we managed to scale to a stable flow of 200 leads per day, with stable quality, and maintaining the same cost per lead. As a result, they grew their business from three sales people to a sales team of 15, as well as expanded with us into other mass tort verticals.

Mass Tort

Short Term Results
from 40 lead per day @ $120/lead to 200+ per day at $58/lead

Long Term Results
Grew sales team from 3 to 15 and spread into other mass tort markets