Case study | Camp Lejeune

400 Tier 1 Camp Lejeune Leads a Day

Our client wanted to start generating Camp Lejeune cases amongst even before the bill was passed by congress, so we were entering a very new space with little competition, but also very little knowledge about what works.


Less than 30 days into the campaign, it turned into the most competitive vertical online, and costs skyrocketed.

As a result we were challenged to scale our ads well into the 7 figure mark, while maintaining low cost per acquisition to battle out the competition.


While talking with some big players in the space who were our competition we realized that we have generated the same amount of leads as them, at a lower cost per acquisition, but completely in-house - while they had to rely on large networks of affiliates and compete with other companies bidding against them with the same providers.

Mass Tort

Short Term Results
Stable flow of Camp Lejeune leads within days of launch

Long Term Results
Scaled campaigns to 400+ Tier 1 Camp Lejeune Leads per day while maintaining a Low Cost Per Lead